Songs to get you in the writing ‘mood’

You know we all hate it as writers when you need to write a chapter of your story, on demand or not.

I personally find it easier to write while listening to music (As I am right now; Haven’t Had Enough by Marinas Trench)

A great program to listen to music for free is Spotify, which can be downloaded safely here:   http://www.spotify.com/us/get-spotify/open/

Here’s some of the songs I have on my playlist, which you may find useful…

Haven’t Had Enough by Marinas Trench

Words by Train

Save Me, San Francisco by Train

50 Ways to Say Goodbye by Train

Gangnam Style  by Psy (maybe you know this as that crazy Korean song ((or you probably think Chinese)) on the radio)

Lights by Ellie Golding

Lonely Lullaby by Owl City

Whole Ocean Eyes Album by Owl City

Whole Albums Quiet & Siberia by LIGHTS

Give Me Your Hand [Best Song Ever] by The Ready Set

Tounge Tied by Grouplove

and many more! 😀

Hope this article helps you on your magical writing  journey!

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Izzi: What is anime?

What is anime? You ask. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is Anime?

Anime is a Japanese form of  ‘animation’. Basically, the animated from of manga.

What Is Manga?

Manga is a Japanese style of art. Like here, in america, we have comic books. Manga is just really a Japanese comic book.

If you want more info that I didn’t feel like giving you, go to Wikipedia here:  ‘anime’ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anime

‘manga’ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manga

See you!

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