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Izzi: What is anime?

What is anime? You ask. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is Anime?

Anime is a Japanese form of  ‘animation’. Basically, the animated from of manga.

What Is Manga?

Manga is a Japanese style of art. Like here, in america, we have comic books. Manga is just really a Japanese comic book.

If you want more info that I didn’t feel like giving you, go to Wikipedia here:  ‘anime’


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How to Spot ‘bootleg’ figures WHILE BUYING

Ebay is probably the most fishy place to buy anime figures off of. You have to take many steps to make sure that the one you’re buying is real, and not a ‘bootleg’. I searched ‘hatsune miku figure’ on ebay. Look what came up! Let’s look at the first one:

Please click on for full size + better view

Pretty good price, eh? For a figma that is usually $120.00? A top rated seller? Free Shipping? Wait. Hold on a second. That. Is. So. BOOTLEG. I don’t know if you know a lot about ads, but if you do, this item has a case of glittering generalities.  ( <— go here to learn what ‘glittering generalities’ means) Okay, so we know to avoid that one. But, lets look a little closer to prove it…. Okay so, first we see the ‘free shipping’ symbol on the picture. Also, it states, ‘more than 10 available.’ I personally think that is sketchy. Look at the item location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong. When you buy figures, be careful to NOT buy from some Chinese sellers. I always try to get figures from the U.S, or straight from Japan. Also, look at the history of how many sold! 7 people. 7 of those people didn’t watch out. That could have been you- but luckily, I saved you from fraud. Okay, to REALLY insure you that this is bootleg, you might want to read the description:   If I were you, I would ONLY BUY if the seller states the figure is authentic. This Miku Sakura Figure was a LIMITED EDITION only available in Japan. For 1.99? No.

Woah. I think this one speaks for itself. REAL!   Now, I will give you some challenges:

Okay, so here’s the description…..

So…Which is it? Real? or Fake? Obviously FAKE!

Ready? Here’s how I could tell…

1. Shipping from china

2. Never said it was real in description

3. Unreasonable price

4. In the title, It was called a ‘toy’

5. Also in the title, It says ‘Luka Megurine’ which is not the character.

Note* Just because it is MADE in china doesn’t mean it’s fake. Pretty much all anime figures are made in China.

Okay, so I think you get it. Don’t be one of those people!

How to Spot ‘bootleg’ anime figures

Hi! I’m about to tell you people how to spot, you guessed it, a fake anime figure. Let’s look at the Nendroid below:

This is not my nendroid, nor picture. If it is yours and you want it removed, please tell me.

Can you tell which one is fake? No? Yep, its the one on the left. See how shiny the nendroid on the left looks? BOOTLEG. BOOT-LEG.

Also, just look at the one on the right. It just looks so quality!

Let’s now focus on the face. I made the picture bigger so you can see it more clearly:

Again, this is not mine. Contact me if you want it removed.

See how far the eyes are apart? An the eyes don’t look as smooth, and look a little like a 4 yr old stuck stickers on it *shiver*. There is also discoloration on the mouth, a little bit like coloring out of the lines.

Look at this figure. How can you tell it’s fake, while in the box?

Not mine. Contact if you want it removed.

I personally think it looks as if it’s been tampered with. Look at the excessive amount of tape! So don’t fall pray to fake anime figures. Brush off you antlers and walk away! (okay,awkward.)

This is not mine. Contact me if you wish to have it removed.

Okay, here’s an boxed Yui figma. How can you tell if it’s real by the box? Look over in the top left corner….

Not mine. Contact if wished to be removed.

See it? That’s a sticker of approval. Like, let’s say you got a new baseball cap. It has an MLB sticker on it, right? Also, Nintendo games always have a ‘seal of approval’ on the back of the box. That’s basically what that sticker is. If you come across one on your box, it’s most likely to be real.

Another way of telling authenticity is by this sticker on the back of the box:

This is my photo 🙂

AAA Anime Distribution is a company that ships anime figures to retailers. Most likely, if your figure has this sticker, it is authentic.

Now just because it has the AAA anime distribution sticker and only that doesn’t mean it is fake.  Or if the box only has the silver sticker and no AAA sticker. Here, I’ll Quiz you on a figma..


F a k e or R e a l? Real! How can you tell? The TBS sticker in the left corner, and no dents in the box.

Well, I think you get it by know. Next Question: How can you tell before buying? Read my other post to find out!

So anyway, here’s a basic list of tips:

1. Dents in box? no.

2. No box? no.

3. No stickers? maybe so.

4. Ugly quality and disgusting coloration? no.

5. AAA anime sticker? Yes.

6. Silver sticker? Yes.



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